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You know me...Me too.

I am a presence.

Will you accept me?

The young Jewish girl.

The stranger in church.

She's obviously not local...

From somewhere else.

There is a darkness in her.

She had a husband.

He wasn't very nice.

She was too kind. Too open.

The worst April Fool's surprise.

Can you accept her?

She's awfully queer...

She didn't keep it?

But you don't see that yet.

You see her sitting quietly...

Listening, watching, participating.

What's she got in her hands?

Ask her, she'll answer.

Will you listen? Will you hear?

This odd little Jewish girl.

What's her story?

[Written Sunday, December 24, 2017 at 1124, during what I have dubbed Manic Christmas. One week, three states, 600 miles... one friendship rekindled, another one ended, along with a great deal of processing.]

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