1000 Cranes: uncaged

1000 Cranes

ARTIST STATEMENT: Submission to ArtFields


I just do things.

Since I was a child and read the story of Sadako at my library during a summer program, origami has been a presence in my life. I folded cranes that were sent to the monument for her in Japan and I haven’t stopped folding.

In 2017 I folded 1,000 cranes out of cigarette foil, but I’ve never smoked one. One day I had the urge to start and ten months later I folded the 1,000th crane (it was blue). Three months later they were all strung together and hanging in a birdcage. A mirror on the bottom allowed you to see yourself in the cranes.


In the fall of 2018 I realized it was time to free the cranes from their cage. Below is an excerpt of my submission to ArtFields 2019. 

Over the last few years I have caged myself in by doing too much; by giving myself away.

Freedom isn't free. It requires effort. Sacrifice. Break it down; redefine yourself. Free yourself of the assumptions people have.


I AM. I EXIST. I create myself.


Exist for yourself. You have that right. You are here for a reason: make it count.


"The art you make matters."

To free yourself you must first accept yourself. My obligations have caged me in, and I now realize they were never my responsibility.

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_Remember that language is power.__Back chasing dreams here we go again..._Dreams crack then fade in
July 28, 2016: A new project
December 8, 2016: 25 sheets per clip
April 8, 2017: another 50 cranes
50 cranes in the palm of my hand
May 21, 2017: another 50 cranes
May 31: It's a rather lot of cranes
June 28, 2017: hanging cranes
July 8, 2017: The final strand
All the cranes hanging
August 21, 2017: bottom view
Top view, before mirror.
Close up.
Added a mirror to the bottom.
Cranes all the way down.

Where will I show up next? 

©2017 by Kelsey Leahy

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