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Fragment 2 of 12

[The fragments were all written on my Bat Mitzvah stationary while I was living in the studio apartment in Converse Heights after leaving the husband. I knew I needed to write, but I couldn't commit to a journal. My brain was too fragmented. I was having to piece together my life, my identity. There are some cards that were written that are not included, because as it turns out they weren't part of my self...just part of the story.]

The order doesn't matter. You don't need to know exactly when and exactly how something happened. You don't need all the answers. You are the moment. Live where you are and be who you are NOW.

Now is what matters. It is always right now. The moment changes. Everything changes. It all shifts and we still exist. I, we, us, me. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters because it is all okay. We are safe. I am safe. Everything is okay.

I trust myself.

I trust the universe.


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