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Job experience

Kelsey has been working since she was a pre-teen, starting her career as a First Aid/CPR Certified Baby Sitter. Her first taxed job was at McDonald's, where she worked until she was old enough to work at Bi-Lo. She worked there throughout high school and into her first year at college.

During her time at Wofford she completed a summer internship at the Baruch Marine Field Lab (back when she was a Biology major), and she was a Resident Assistant for freshman for three years. In the summer of 2009 she had an internship with a marketing firm and worked all aspects of a seafood restaurant and catering business in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

She spent the year after graduation as the AmeriCorps*VISTA at Wofford, learning about the non-profit world, the history of Spartanburg, and the Community Indicators Project

After her year of service she held positions at Lowe's and Petco before becoming the music librarian for the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra. That is when she began her second undergraduate degree at Converse College, studying oboe with Dr. Kelly Vaneman. 

While a student at Converse she worked in the Petrie School of Music office, the Mickel Library, and the Alumnae Office. Later in her Converse career she became a private instructor through the Lawson Academy, where she continues to teach middle school students. After a huge life shift, she had no vehicle and needed a job, so she began working at QuikTrip, conveniently located across the street from campus. She held that job for three years, and won the travel contest for a free week in Maui with a guest in May 2017. 

Kelsey was hired on as the part-time Evening and Weekend Circulation Assistant at Wofford in September 2016, and in October 2017 she was promoted to full time, lining up perfectly with her departure from QT at her three  year anniversary. Kelsey continues to freelance, playing oboe gigs with churches, schools, and other local musicians. She is also exceedingly useful and does freelance work child and pet sitting, house cleaning and organizing, packing and moving, mending clothes, and general handy work. 

From August 2018 to July 2019 Kelsey will be serving with The United Way of the Piedmont as an AmeriCorps*VISTA. 

Ghost Shoes. _I got these for my 28th birthday and wore them for six months straight.jpg

Past lives

Left to right: 

A good pair of shoes is the most important part of your outfit. 

Being handy with a truck.

Biking down the volcano Haleakala with April B.

Kelsey  has played many roles and had many experiences in her lifetime. From age 3-18 she took dance lessons at Marla's School of Dance, she spent a few years playing softball, earned her Silver Award with Girl Scout troop 343, took flute and oboe lessons along with participating in concert band, marching band, and the Long Bay Symphony Youth Orchestra. 

Socastee High School marching band photo from 2002

Dance pictures through the years

Halloween 2017 with Machka (April 1999-November 2018)

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