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The crane hustle

After finishing my 1000 Cranes Project I couldn't stop folding cranes, so I immediately began a new project: The Crane Hustle. I found a stack of origami paper on Amazon that had 1020 sheets for $5 and purchased two of them. I am cutting the squares into fourths, meaning at the end I will have 8160 small squares, and I intend to fold at least 8100 cranes. It took two months to fold 400, so I am well on my way. I found a place online to purchase 2500 1.1" acorn capsules in order to sell the tiny cranes piecemeal and protect them from getting crushed. Each fourth of a sheet costs 1/10th of a cent, and each capsule costs 3 cents. 

Showing up and being present is powerful, and now that I have a Chevy Blazer with four wheel drive I can easily show up when and where I am needed. My origami has opened many doors for me, so the proceeds from the Crane Hustle now support travels costs as I connect all the dots I have found over the years. (During the week of Christmas 2017 I drove 600 miles so I could show up with my 1000 Cranes Project in three states!)

I give them away at times as tips or presents to places that have me, so don't be surprised if you see them showing up in strange places! 

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